Jan 24, 2023

Japanese vegan cafe has decided to offer both halal and oriental vegan options. Sobe's Cafe,hanamaki,Iwate takes a step towards world peace options.

Since opening in 2007, Sobe's Cafe has been promoting vegan culture. In recent years, with the growing demand for halal and vegan food, Sobe's Cafe has decided to offer both halal and oriental vegan options.
Sobe's Cafe is the first restaurant in Iwate Prefecture to offer both halal and oriental vegan options. In Japan, while there are restaurants that offer one or the other, there are very few that offer both halal and oriental vegan options.

Vegan cuisine does not use animal-derived ingredients such as eggs and dairy products. Alcohol (soy sauce, vinegar, and mirin), Five pungent roots (ginger, onion, garlic, leek, and shallot in Buddhism and Taoism) are essential ingredients for making delicious dishes. However, it becomes difficult to make delicious dishes when making halal and oriental vegan dishes at the same time, as these ingredients cannot be used.

Sobe's Cafe owner, Ms.Takahashi, has overcome these challenges by using her 15 years of experience in vegan cuisine and putting customer satisfaction first. She wants to provide a place where people can gather around the same table regardless of religion or dietary restrictions. With the motto of "Think Globally, Act Locally", Sobe's Cafe takes a small step towards world peace. She dreams of "people from all over the world coming to Sobe's Cafe to eat together, regardless of nationality or religion". And she looks forward to seeing this action spread throughout Japan.

Defining Terms

Vegan refers to a type of vegetarian diet that excludes all animal products, including eggs, dairy, and honey.

Halal food refers to food that is permissible according to Islamic dietary laws, and typically includes meat that is not slaughtered and prohibits alcohol and fermented products such as soy sauce and vinegar.

Oriental vegan refers to a type of vegetarian diet that is rooted in the cultures of Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia, in which certain root vegetables known as "five pungents" (onions, garlic, leeks, shallots, and chives) are typically avoided for religious or cultural reasons.

Contact information for Sobe's Cafe:

Company: Sobe's Cafe Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Takahashi Sobe (Representative Director)

Address: 578-4 Yamanokami, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, 025-0024
Phone: 0198-24-7107
Fax: 0198-24-7100

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株式会社 惣兵衛


1月31日開始 株式会社惣兵衛(代表・高橋惣兵衛)が経営するSobe’sCafeは、完全菜食主義(ビーガン)に加え、全メニュー、ハラール食と素食(オリエンタルビーガン)に完全対応する。
Sobe’s Cafeは2007年の開店以来15年かけて、なじみのないビーガン食文化の普及に一役買ってきた。昨今のフードダイバーシティ(食の多様性)気運の高まりや、近隣の企業からハラール食とビーガン同時対応の弁当注文を受けたことをきっかけに一念発起。 日本政府や県が推奨するインバウンド拡大の対応店として、岩手県内でもいち早くハラール食と素食(オリエンタルビーガン)に全メニュー同時対応できる店として名乗りを上げた。


「世界中あらゆる宗教の人が同じ食卓につける料理を提供したい」 今回のメニュー改変について高橋代表をつき動かしたのは世界平和に対する強い思いだ。座右の銘である「Think Globally,Act locally(世界的な視野を持ち地域から)」に則り、たとえ小さな一歩でも自分ができることから始めたいと決断した。「もちろん、自分の行動は大河の中の一滴にも満たないことはよくわかっている。もし、Sobe's Cafeのテーブルに国籍や宗教を超えたいろんな人が食事を楽しむ光景が実現したらと思うとワクワクして堪らない」と、目を輝かせる。




台湾、香港、中国大陸、東南アジアの華僑に根付く文化。特に台湾に多く、宗教的戒律から 五葷(ごくん=ねぎ、にんにく、にら、らっきょう、あさつき、※ねぎは玉ねぎも含む)と呼ばれる根菜類が禁忌となる。


株式会社惣兵衛・Sobe's Cafe(ソーベーズカフェ)

〒025-0024 岩手県花巻市山の神578-4
TEL 0198-24-7107
FAX 0198-24-7100

Sobe's Cafe